Strapless 24X30 2014
Party Girls 40x60
Society Girls 36x60
The Rower 24X30 2014
Bird Watching 20X24 2014
A Night Out On The Town 30X40 2014
Sunbathers 30X60 2014
The Courtship 24X30 2014
Five Pretty Ladies 30X60 2014
Gallery Representation
ArtHaus Gallery
San Francisco, CA

Canfin Gallery

Tarrytown, NY

Simon Brietbard Fine Art
Mill Valley, CA

Goetze Art and Design
Memphis, TN

“With these enigmatic panels, Jhina Alvarado has become a cinematographer with paint, bringing the past forward, with a cinematic spirit she keeps alive in her contemporary paintings.”



Art Ltd. Magazine

“For Alvarado, the task is to resurrect not the literal story of the subjects pictured, but to use what they've left behind as a catalyst to connect all viewers and all human experiences.”           


OC Weekly

Jhina (Hee-na) Alvarado is a self-taught artist who is represented by galleries across the United States. Her work has been featured in various international and national magazines, blogs, and art technique books. She currently works part-time as a calculus and pre-calculus teacher at the Ruth Asawa School of the Arts and paints full-time in her home studio in San Francisco.