Saints of Perseverance

"The Saints of Perseverance" features women, moms of color specifically, and how they have survived raising children and managing households during a global pandemic. Mothers have had to sacrifice and endure so much during this age of Covid 19. They have had to take on the added role of full-time child care provider, educator, and social justice warrior in addition to their already hectic schedules. The lack of in person schools has meant that some mothers have either had to quit their jobs or juggle caring for, educating, and entertaining their children while maintaining a full-time job, often in the other room of their home. Additionally with all the social unrest over Black Lives Matter and End Asian Hate, women of color have had the added burden of talking to, protecting, and quelling fears over the racial injustice that seemed to have been amplified during the pandemic. The amazing thing (although, really, is it?), is that it was just expected of mothers to take on this extra burden. There was no real question as to who would have to make these sacrifices during this time. This series highlights how strong and fierce mothers are. They are the force behind their family's survival. The veils represent how unseen they often are and the sacrifices they have made as the strength behind their family and how without them, their family would not have survived as well through a global pandemic.